Stand Up Reality ‘Inner Play’ Workshop


Stand Up Reality 'Inner Play' WorkshopYou are invited to come and explore your own reality in a safe, supportive, creative space.


“The heart of the work is to create a safe place in which ALL life is welcome – the parts of oneself, and others, and the environment that are known and accepted, as well as those that are not. With the creation of that space, a metaphorical Circle of potential opens and whoever is present is invited to stand up and explore whatever they are drawn to – however small, unlikely, exciting, terrifying or intriguing…”
‘Stand Up Reality’ are a group of three women, Rosamund, Sophia and Amanda, who met during Master Fool Jonathan Kay’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ project 2003. Besides this background in ‘Fooling’ they also have experience between them of ‘Process Work,’ Butoh dance, Noh, and Physical Theatre.

In a workshop setting we create a supportive “tender” space for participants to begin to learn some of the basic techniques and “attitudes” that we use to open and enter that space. From here participants can step forward and sense the personal power and magic that comes from seeing oneself at the centre of the story. Beginning with a supportive “listening circle” we then invite each participant to move into the performance space, and begin, with our guidance and support, to open up the worlds behind the ordinary world of “mundane reality”. Ideally, each participant would get a “taste” of the overlooked realities and hidden streams of thoughts and feelings that lie behind the surface of their words and actions, and realise the “fun” as well as the potential in choosing to explore them.


“When we hold the space as a group of three, we are holding the circle with the deep experience and compassion of our own ongoing work, and with a commitment to support others to enter and explore this imaginal creative space: we do everything possible to take care of the fears and doubts that are so easily stirred up by the prospect of jumping into oneself, so that no one need be prevented from experiencing the exciting and tender possibilities of this playful process….”

“I do the work to have a ‘free space’ to re-create my inner self, to play and allow those aspects of myself that are usually hidden to come forward.”

“Our future creativity relies upon our willingness to release the shadow and allow it expression in the light of awareness.
This is how we truly come to know ourselves as whole.”

For more information or to book please contact Amanda Fieldsend on 07967 341451 

The request for appreciation is £30 for the afternoon.

If you know anyone who would be interested in this kind of work please feel free to forward and invite them also. Please feel free to visit the FB event page.